Spiritual & Moral
Our belief is that this pillar is the most fundemental part of any individual that desires change, it is in essence the foundation upon which every successful life is built.
Life Skills
The purpose is to give each individual the ability for positive adaptive behaviors that enables them to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life.
The greatest resource deficit in 'Third World' countries is the need for authentic leadership to translate vision into reality.
Eradicating systemic poverty is one of our primary goals for our nation. We believe that every individual has the potential to contribute economically to society.

The 4Change Foundation Team

Dr. Maxwell Holland founded the 4Change Foundation in 2008 so it could serve as a catalyst for change in South Africa, and globally. A visionary of his time, Dr. Holland is driven by his desire to see the African people flourish globally. His passion and purpose is to create a vehicle and platform that will stimulate and implement programs that give birth to sustainable solutions.

Pastor Bryan Miller is a Director at the 4Change Foundation and oversees the day-to-day operations of the Foundation. He is passionate about this generation of young people and believes that each of them has a destiny and purpose they need to fulfill.

Meegan Roberts is a project manager in theĀ 4Change Global Exchange Program. She dances and is a life-coach who loves helping others develop themselves, specifically in the area of self-identity.


The 4Change Foundation was truly one of the catalysts that sparked all of this change. To the extraordinary visionary leadership of Dr. Maxwell Holland, and the rest of the dream team, I say ‘Thank You!’.

Elroy Cook

As soon as I got in contact with 4Change, of whom the individuals became my friends, brothers, mentors and family; a remarkable change began in my life. Because of their intervention, I was able to pass my matric and became a role model in my community.

Leeroy Cook