School Programs


The Arts is an area in which The 4Change Foundation is particularly adept, and has been used as a highly successful vehicle to bring about a phenomenally positive change within schools and communities in our era.

The Face-off production challenge is arts and culture based which greatly appeals to our youth. Through long-term mentorship programs, professional training with industry experts and the execution of musical productions,this area in particular, has been an effective medium to infuse permanent, positive change within schools and communities.

Impacting up to 10 000 learners per annum we run  sports, arts, entrepreneurship, leadership, life skills and social programs in 9 secondary schools and surrounding communities in Gauteng.

We have had great success in our programs in the following areas: problem solving, improved self-worth, behavioral modification, increase in academic performance as well as an increase of school attendance.


Through our community impact programs we have established sustainable food gardens, children’s literacy, sports, arts, feeding, clothing, grooming,

life skills and leadership development programs in communities feeding up to 13000 meals and clothing up to 500 individuals per annum since 2008.