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About Us

The Birth of 4Change

The term ‘Third World’ was coined by French demographer and historian Alfred Sauvy in an article published in ther French magazine L’Ohsen-aieur in August 1952. I was used to refer to emerging or developing nations around the world and in it’s original form it referred to creativity, innovation and an alternative way of thinking. It alluded to the notion of development and growth. This word ‘Third World’ meant a way of thinking that supersedes the way governments of the world would think. Initially, it was never meant to be used in reference to supposed ignorance, poverty, lack or disease: but rather it alluded to a people who were solution focused and could solve problems due to an ‘out of the box’ way of thinking.

The 4Change Foundation was started with this intent; A moving of the people of our nation beyond merely looking or a ‘hand out’  to instead becoming creative and industrious at all levels of society, hence returning to the original connotation of the term ‘Third World’.

Our Purpose.

A nation has a need for sustainable solutions, a need to see its people developed in order to become a solution-based society and thus occupy a desired state of living. as a result, a Non-Profit. Section 21 Company was birthed.

Principally, 4Change extracts and harnesses both talent and leadership potential by unearthing the solutions that rest on the inside of the individual, allowing him or her to prevail over problems within their immediate environment which ultimately impacts and addresses societal issues at large.

Our Passion.

Our passion is fueled by the conviction that that we are ‘Changing our world, by giving others a chance to change theirs’. We have a desire to actively change the socio-economic status that our nation is challenged with. the $Change Foundation has an undeniable passion for life and people and we earnestly believe that

the greatest gift you can give anyone is the chance to make a change.

The focus of the 4Change Foundation is two-fold: mindset transformation and nurturing absolute freedom. Tjhe individuals that comes through the hands of the 4Change Foundation cultivates an unwavering compassion for people and consequently re-directs their focus from SELF to the COMMUNITY.