The Campus


At the 4Change we believe the soil is more important that the seed. Yes the seed carries the potential to produce but in the wrong environment (soil) it will not be able to reach its fullest potential. 4Change has designed it’s campus to be a center for transformation focusing on providing training and development as well as business in an endeavor to produce a model that is self sustainable and be reproduced in 3rd world countries across the world.

1200 Seating Auditorium & Theater

Some of our most successful programs are in the industry of arts and entertainment and media.

This facility will be able to house the various productions developed through these programs.

Furthermore it will be available to the industry as part of the business model of the campus.

Business & Training Hub

This building will consist of training rooms for the 4Change academy. It will also house the offices for the main businesses and organizations housed on the property like the 4Change Foundation, 4Change Productions, 4Change Media, 4Change Properties, the 318 Leadership engine.

Furthermore it will house an incubator and accelerator for potential up and coming business men and women in order to enable them to kick start their ideas and concepts for business.

Conferencing Facilities

The purpose of the conferencing facility is for business purposes. We too have a focus in the hospitality industry and would like to provide the industry with an excellent venue as well as 5 stars service.

This further creates an opportunity for experiential learning for the global students who will work alongside staff. Our chef school will too make use of the kitchen that will be attached to the conference center and will once again provide work experience for our students to be trained by professionals in the industry.

Student Village

This area is for the students in the Global X gap year program. It will be equipped with dormitories, a library and media center, a communal kitchen as well as training facilities for their program.

Our aim is to be able to house 120 students per year.

The Chapel

This will allow the venue to be used as a wedding venue. The Conference Facility will be used as the reception area