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“Changing our world, by giving others
a chance to change theirs”.

The term “Third World’ is believed to have been coined by French demographer and historian Alfred Sauvy in 1952. It was used to refer to emerging and developing nations around the world and interestingly, in its original form; it alluded to the notion of creativity, innovation and an alternative way of thinking from the first and second world countries. It referred to nations that possessed huge potential for development and growth. This word “Third World’ was never intended to be used in reference to supposed ignorance, poverty, lack or disease: instead it described people who were solution focused with an ability to solve problems because of an ability to think ‘out of the box’. While nations like those within BRIC’s strive to change this perspective in the political and economic spheres, we believe the old mindset  around Third World nations and their people still exists within civil society. This is why the 4Change Foundation was created: to change the mindset of the people of our nation. Starting with how they perceive themselves to realizing their potential and creating platforms for them to become engaged, active citizens. It is our goal to eradicate systemic poverty in our nation by changing the mindset from seeking a ‘handout’ to becoming creative and industrious at all levels of society. Thus it is our desire to re-establish the original connotation of the term ‘Third World’. 

Founder and CEO Dr Maxwell Holland

Our programs & Projects

At the 4Change Foundation our sole focus is to create an ecosystem that allows the organization to be self sustainable. This ecosystem empowers the 4Change Foundation to bring about transformation for generations to come. With this being our motivation we have therefore determined the elements needed to produce that outcome.

Schools and Community Projects

High Schools will establish ‘production companies’ which will go head to head to see who is able to produce the best 5-8 minute short film/movie.

Industry professionals will assume the roles of Coaches and will mentor and teach these ‘companies’ from each school over the period of 6 months. The includes developing the script, shooting/filming the content and then producing the final movie that will be showcased at the Big Reveal. At the Big Reveal we not only showcase their movies but also announce the winning school and celebrate top talent.

The Face-off Production Challenge is arts and culture based which greatly appeal to our youth. Through long-term mentorship programs, professional training with industry experts and the execution of musical productions,this area in particular, has been an effective medium to infuse permanent, positive change within schools and communities.

– food gardens
– skills development
– leadership training
– providing food and clothing to those in need
– cross-cultural initiatives

In 2012 we established the year of your life program. A year-long program aimed at tackling unemployment and skills development of youth.
The XChange program is a dynamic year of leadership training and development for post matriculants, assisting
them in developing critical skills for the work place and providing them with valuable work experience.

The program is divided into four focus areas:
Spiritual and Moral,
Life/Technical skills and

Experiential learning is a major factor of the program. We ensure that during the year there are many practical assignments and activities which includes adventure camps, community outreach programs, event and project management, media and TV productions. With a strong focus on mentorship we ensure that they work alongside industry professionals in all the above mentioned experiences.

We therefore believe that all of these elements contributes to making this the most dynamic year in the lives of our students.

Through the many years of operation we have discovered that in order to be effective in bringing about sustainable transformation in our communities and city we would need to establish a campus. The campus would allow us to implement the vision in its entirety ensuring we can makde the change necessary in the community.



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